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Research in the Division is diverse and multidisciplinary and includes the following focus areas:

  • GnRH receptors, signalling, structure, function and as a target for development of therapeutics for treatment of reproductive cancers (Katz lab, and affiliated Millar labs)
  • Molecular mechanisms of cervical cancer and oesophageal cancer development and progression (Leaner, Hendricks and Parker labs)
  • Identification and characterisation of anticancer drugs in natural products (Hendricks lab)
  • Diagnostic, structure and function studies in the porphyrias and haem biosynthesis (Meissner lab - currently sited and staffed in the Dept. of Medicine)
  • Structural basis for differential regulation of glutamine synthetase in humans and the malaria parasite, structural studies on the nitrilase family of enzymes in the context of cancer, mycothiol synthetic pathway inMycobacterium tuberculosis (Sewell lab - currently located on UCT upper campus)


Research Groups

The Katz Group: The MRC Research Group for Receptor Biology
The Leaner Group: The Transcriptional Regulation and Cancer Biology Group
The Hendricks Group: The Cancer Molecular Mechanisms Group